Rider Registration

By registering with AMA District 16 and the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) you’re on your way to start participating in some of the best motorcycling and ATV events in the midwest. Having a District 16 card makes it possible for you to participate in any of the many different events, (dirt track, motocross, hare scrambles, etc…) as well as enables you to collect points to compete for season end awards.

Your Registration is good for the calendar year.

You can register in AMA District 16 with the on-line option only beginning in 2023. The renewals are expected to be available by Jan. 5th 2023. Best thing is you get a proof of purchase right to your e-mail to use at events. You’ll need the proof of purchase at any event. After your registration has been processed, you’ll receive a card that you’ll need to keep with you along with your AMA card and have available at all future events.

At this time we do not expect “at event” registration to be an option. While you should be able to register at any time, some events are held in locations with spotty cell phone and web access…. so plan ahead.

As the end of every season approaches, District 16 will host an annual awards banquet. This is open to all our members and their families – and a great time for everyone regardless of getting any awards. Held the second weekend of November in Wisconsin Dells at the Kalahari Resort – there’s a great dinner, music, and a assortment of raffles and other drawings. These often include motorcycles, generators, gear and much much more. In 2022 we had over $18,000 in door prizes to give away. We negotiate for special room rates at the resort, so it is a fun and great opportunity for the entire family. The banquet usually has at least 500 “motorcycle loving” people in attendance.

CURRENT YEAR Registered Riders: A renewal form will not be mailed – again, as a way to keep your registration cost low. Simply Renew On-line when the next year registration is opened, or download the PDF form, then mail it in with your payment.

MOTOCROSS RIDERS: If you want to keep your same number from the same class you need to submit your application early. Deadline is usually February 5th.

2023 “Online” Registration – AVAILABLE NOW – click HERE

This is by far the BEST option! You will need a current AMA membership to do this. A link is on the online form if needed. After completion and payment you will get a confirmation from AMA District 16. Keep a copy with you for proof of purchase while waiting for a registration card to be mailed. You will need this confirmation to enter an event.

For 2023 the on-line registration option is required prior to attending an event.

Renewal reminders are not mailed. Simply return here each year and complete this application. If you need more information, please send an e-mail.

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