By joining AMA District 16 and the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) you’re on your way to start participating in some of the best motorcycling and ATV events in the midwest. Having a District 16 card makes it possible for you to participate in any of the many different events, (dirt track, motocross, hare scrambles, etc…) as well as enables you to collect points to compete for season end awards.

Memberships are good for the calendar year.

You can sign up for AMA District 16 by mail using the form below, or at any AMA District 16 sanctioned event. If mailing the form, make sure to do it soon enough that it can make it through the mail to us, and back to you with a few days processing time between. You’ll need proof of purchase at the event, so sending it a couple days before an event doesn’t work. After your membership has been processed, you’ll receive a card that you’ll need to keep with you along with your AMA card and have available at all future events.

If you register at an event, you’ll get a temporary receipt to use there, and at other events for 30 days. If you do not get your registration card in the mail within 21 days, call 262-321-0397 or email Membership Services.

As part of your membership you’ll receive the Cycle USA magazine, a $20 value. The magazine is sent to our membership nine months of the year beginning in March, skipping Nov, Jan and February. (note… only one copy is sent per household to help keep our membership cost as low as possible).

As the end of every season approaches, District 16 will be busy planning the annual awards banquet. This is open to all out members and their families – and a great time for everyone regardless of getting any awards. Held the second weekend of November, usually in the Wisconsin Dells at the Kalahari Resort – there’s a great dinner, often music, and a great assortment of raffles and other drawings. These often includes two motorcycles, generators, gear and much much more. We negotiate for special room rates at the resort, far below anything anyone could get on their own, so it is a fun and great opportunity for the entire family. The banquet usually has at least 500 “motorcycle loving” people in attendance.

THE FORM: Read ALL the directions and complete carefully. If not using the autofill capabilities, please complete by hand, writing neatly.

CURRENT YEAR MEMBERS: A renewal form will not be mailed – again, as a way to keep our registration costs as low as possible. Simply download the PDF form below, you can complete it right on your own computer, print it out, and then mail it in with your payment.

One membership card allows you to participate in all the different types of District 16 events.

MOTOCROSS RIDERS: If you want to keep your same number from the same class you need to submit your application early. See the deadline on the membership form, usually the first week of February.

This is an autofill form. Click the areas to complete while it is open on your screen in Adobe Acrobat Reader (or other PDF viewing software), and you can type all the info before printing it. You can always print it, then complete it, but this avoids errors and saves time.

LAST TIP: Keep a copy of the form, just for your records.

The above form can be completed in Adobe Acrobat if you have it. Or click on it, and just print it out of your web browser. If all else fails, send a self addresses and stamped envelope to AMA District 16, PO Box 235, Franksville, WI 53126, and we will mail you a copy of it.

Renewals are not mailed. Just print this application. If you need more information, please send an e-mail.

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