The 2019 District 16 membership form is now available! Simply visit the membership page. The 2019 pdf is an autofill style, so you can complete it before printing. It is best done in Acrobat. Save it to your system, or just print a duplicate for your records. Keep in mind, motocross riders looking to keep their same numbers need to renew by the early February deadline.

A few class modifications have arrived for 2019. Motocross continued with the +40A and +40A/B split that was introduced in 2017. Both will be paying points for the 2019 season championships! New in 2018 was the 125cc class – two strokes only, no minis, but this is a fun class for anyone with a 125cc bike. With the growing interest in the return of the 125’s, this will quickly become a very cool class. For 2019 a new Mini Open class has been added to help additional riders have a second class to ride on their 65cc bikes.

Special note should be made in MX for the rider ages to ride 250cc and 450cc motorcycles…. see the rules in the rules section, and in the AMA rule book.

Hare Scrambles will continue to mix in the GP events for 2019. Gran Prix’s are a cool format, often running on the same weekend as a Hare Scrambles so riders can double up on the racing at a single facility, and collect points as well. In 2019 the Rapid Angels MC Club will be running one the day before the season opening motocross, so all those riders should plan on making it a fun weekend… mixing in a little trip to a good section of the MX track (if it goes off as we expect).

For more changes see the Division supplementary rules as they are posted.